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Product Overview

Sign up for our HR Metrics Survey and we will get in contact with you about participation. conducts a survey of human resource metrics, which are measurements used to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of HR policies, to help participants create and track HR Metrics for their own organizations and to draw comparisons with other organizations. Use the survey to interpret data patterns that aid HR decision-making and performance improvement. 

HR Metrics are defined as the process of measuring the impact of the HR function on organizational success, such as time-to-hire and retention rate. HR Metrics help compare different data points. For example, if turnover was 5% last year and is now 7.5%, it has increased by 50%. The former are data points, the latter is the metric. 

You will receive a description of each HR Metric, the reason it matters, the formula for calculating each HR Metric, and a report of the summarized HR Metrics to for you to use as benchmarks for your organization when you participate in the survey. 

 *We make participation easy for you. Call or chat with us to learn how. 

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