Global Surveys

With companies vying for the same talent and hot skills in global markets, it has become more critical than ever to ensure your compensation programs remain competitive. IPAS Salary Surveys provide a unique, single source of compensation data allowing you to price your jobs around the world and compare jobs in multiple countries using the same methodology, participants, currency and system. With data collected from some of the most prestigious firms and validated by a team of experts, you can be certain you have the highest quality compensation data to build and support your global compensation programs. 

All IPAS surveys provide data on key reward elements including, base salary, incentives and fixed allowances. Featuring breakouts by revenue, geography, industry segment and new hires our solution provides you with trusted benchmark Survey Data where you need it. 

  • Global Benchmark

    Global Benchmark

    Our Global General Industry compensation survey gives you access to salaries for over 2,200 benchmark jobs across all global industries. Filter by organization size and geographic location to compare...

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  • Global Consumer Goods and Retail

    Global Consumer Goods and Retail

    The Global Consumer Goods and Retail survey has provided non-durable manufacturing companies with unparalleled consumer products compensation data in the apparel, footwear, luxury goods industry, and food and beverage. Price all your retail roles...

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  • Global Technology

    Global Technology

    Get current, reliable global technology compensation data in your most important markets. The Global Technology salary survey allows you to compare yourself to your peers and price your jobs in multiple...

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